Massage has been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to treat illness and injuries rather than for relaxation. The original meridian massage is called An Mo or Tui Na, which is usually done through clothing without the use of massage oil. It is based on the theory of Chinese Medicine and often done on the meridian lines. Different massage techniques of Tui Na will help to release, strengthen, cool, or warm the body.

Our massage therapists Damien McCormack and Claire Vernet can provide a range of massage treatments to suit your needs.  

Damien specialises in Tui Na, deep tissue, relaxation and Swedish massage. Being an acupuncturist, he can provide treatments that include massage and acupuncture.

Claire’s approach to massage combines movement with stillness, unwinding through breath and massage.  She is trained in remedial massage, pregnancy massage, myofascial cupping, Reiki, Fertility women’s health and infant massage education,

Give us a call and we can help you choose the best treatment for you.