Shiatsu is a Japanese acupressure therapy based on the holistic theory of Chinese Medicine.

Shiatsu literally means finger (shi) pressure (atsu). The Shiatsu practitioner uses direct pressure, muscle stretching and joint mobilisation to awaken the free flow of qi (energy) in the body.  When qi moves freely, the natural harmony and ease of the body, mind and spirit is restored.  This improves circulation, releases tension from muscles and joints, promotes relaxation and has a therapeutic effect upon the internal organs, immune and nervous systems.

A Shiatsu therapy session is an attentive, nurturing experience, which invites the receiver to slow down and relax deeply. Each session is tailored to the receiver to address both symptoms and underlying causes.

Traditional Oriental therapies of moxibustion (a warming herb), cupping and gua sha (tools used to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension) may also be used where appropriate. Dietary and lifestyle advice may also be offered to assist with ongoing health care.

Shiatsu is performed fully clothed on a traditional futon on the floor.

Our Shiatsu practitioner is Olivia Cheng. Call us today to make an appointment or check availability with our booking system.

Shiatsu during pregnancy

‘Receiving Shiatsu can be a wonderful support for the huge physical and emotional changes of pregnancy. On a physical level, Shiatsu can help promote good posture and muscle tone for the changing body and provide relief from common ailments including backache, swelling and varicose veins. Taking time for a treatment in a relaxing, supportive space can also be extremely beneficial for emotional well being and birth preparation’.