COVID-19 information

Due to the COVID-19, as responsible practitioners we feel it is best if we see less people, especially any high risk clients ie: over 70 yrs old or have any Lung pathology, We would rather keep you all safe and not take any risks. 

We hope that COVID-19 will pass quickly, not affect too many families and that we will all return back to our usual or new routines. 

We are and will continue to be in the herbal dispensary combining and packaging classical herbal formulas, especially for immunity, colds and flu plus naturally the usual health conditions that we treat on a day to day basis. If you need some herbs or would like some Chinese Medical health information or just a chat please call or email us.

We are now offering Telehealth appointments:

by phone, video FaceTime or WhatsApp video:

Carolyn 0401 397 738

Jan 0404 971 618

by Skype:


This video has some information about Chinese Herbal Medicine use in New York City

this video has more information on Herbal medicine use for Covid-19

We will reopen as soon as all has past. We hope to hear from some of you. 

We wish you and your family vitality and good health through these times. 

Warmest Carolyn and Jan 

Ph: 08 93398988 – 0401397738

The Chinese Medicine Centre

The Chinese Medicine Centre is Perth’s premier clinic for classical acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Many health conditions are treated here in an efficient and holistic way. Chinese medicine is a natural and versatile medicine for children, adults and elderly, free of side effects but strengthening for body and mind.

The Chinese Medicine Centre is a professional clinic which is open to everyone. Run by a team of committed practitioners it offers a variety of treatments at affordable rates. Enjoy the release of tension and stress in the environment of the spirit of ancient China.

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Our Team

At the Chinese Medical Centre the professionalism and experience of our staff is paramount. All our practitioners are motivated by and committed to improving your health, and all are registered with professional associations AHPRA and AACMA.

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Acupuncture has a long history of providing natural healthcare for many health conditions. The Chinese Medical Centre’s acupuncture practitioners are registered, experienced professionals.

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Chinese herbs offer natural, plant-based remedies for all patients, including children. The Chinese Medical Centre provides a wide range of highest quality herbs, in raw, granulated or capsule form.